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Services for Those in Need



This initial complimentary meeting is conducted in-person or via a telephone or video call. The purpose of the meeting is to learn about the person with dementia, the family and caregiving situation, and begin discussing ideas for improving the quality of life and care for those dealing with the disease. 



Finding the right caregiver for in-home care or organization for facility care is one of the most difficult challenges a family can face. We assist families by searching for that right match for them, and providing a narrowed list of recommendations to make this a much less stressful process for families. We conduct in-depth, structured interviews in-person or via phone or video calls as part of this process. 

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For families who want greater assurance of the quality of care that their loved one is receiving, we visit with their loved ones, report back to families, and work to plan for improvements when needed. These visits can be in-home if that is where care is being provided, or at external facilities providing care for loved ones. This service is perfect for families with parents who reside in one state, and adult children who reside elsewhere and need greater oversight and assurance regarding the care of their loved ones. We can implement these visits on any schedule -- daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.



We understand the challenges families can face in supporting their loved one with Alzheimer's and dementia. We assist family caregivers and other family members in working together to plan for the continuum of care and support for their loved one. This can include things like clarification of responsibilities, talking through new care challenges, or working through family disagreements and conflicts, when they arise.


Watch for Our New Services Launch in 2020! 

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